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PA Ministry of Education defends its curriculum of incitement

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Education: The Palestinian curricula are a sovereign issue”

“The [PA] Ministry of Education emphasized that the Palestinian curricula were and will remain a clear sovereign issue, as they have a close connection to the Palestinian identity and the national narrative. The ministry emphasized in a statement that the decision on any element of the curricula will remain an independent national decision, resting on the national principles… in a manner that is consistent with the international conventions and agreements.

It noted that the process of developing the curricula was based on Palestinian professional and monetary resources, as part of an effort to fortify the independence and sovereignty of the curricula in particular, and education in general. It also noted that the [PA] government has approved a program whose goal is to increase the national self-funding for education due to the increase in incitement by the Israeli lobbies, which is one of the expressions of the systematic war against the Palestinian curricula and their main content.”