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Libel: Israel tortures Palestinian prisoners, turns them into "human laboratories"

Headline: “In the wake of increase in instances of death of prisoners released from the occupation’s [Israel’s] prisons, senior [leaders] demand examination of prisoners’ medical history in order to determine their state of health”
“Member of Parliament and former prisoner Jamal Huweil revealed that many prisoners die after leaving the occupation’s [Israel’s] prisons, testifying to the urgent need for an examination of the prisoners and a determination of their state of health upon entering the occupation’s prisons and upon leaving them. He hinted that there are prisoners who come out [of prison] suffering from cancers, heart disease, [high] blood pressure and diabetes, without having understood the reasons for their falling ill with these diseases…
Huweil accused the occupation state and its government of being a country that violates international law, being the only country which permits torture of prisoners in the laws which it legislates and approves.
At the same time he demanded the upholding of the Prisoners’ Act and the implementation of its sections, which would guarantee a dignified life for the prisoners, released prisoners, and their families…
Journalist and in charge of the prisoners’ program on PA TV, Manal Seif, confirmed reports which have been published concerning a prisoner who was subjected to an [assassination] attempt, by means of an unknown tablet dropped by occupation agents into a cup of coffee that prisoner Haitham Salahiyeh was drinking, leading to partial paralysis. She stated that this assassination attempt is part of the occupation’s effort to turn the Palestinian prisoners into something resembling a human laboratory.”

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