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Child recites poem demonizing Israel as merciless oppressor on PA TV

Program: “The Best Home”
Guest: Poet Kamal Issam, a 6-year old boy from Jerusalem, representing “Palestine” in the MBC Young Talent competition.
Kamal Issam recites poem, “Palestinian – You must not be alive,” by Palestinian poet Bilal Abdallah:
“Palestinian – You must not be alive;
They [Israelis] have told you – Shut up!
Do not speak!
You were made for plastering, for searches at roadblocks and crossings;
They’ve written on your forehead ‘Tread on him’, from commanders to draftees;
Palestinian – you must not rebel,
And you must not win.
Woe to you if you ask for your rights.
Beware of the day you seek the light.
Palestinian – if you want to study,
It’s a matter that’s against the law.
Palestinian – you have to suffer, without a doctor seeing you,
Palestinian – you must not be oppressed, and let no feather sprout in your wings;
Palestinian – you must not be alive;
In every airport your name is written in red,
And at passport control
They’ve written on your forehead – ‘Call’ [for interrogation];
Palestinian – you must not be alive; this world belongs only to bats.”

Note: PA TV host applauds, but notes that we do want to live and to challenge the world.