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PA daily op-ed: "America is the head of the snake"

Headline: "Yes, we can"
     "Contrary to the campaign slogan upheld by President Obama in order to achieve the Presidency, 'Yes, we can', he has shown - by instructing that veto [power] be employed at the Security Council - that all he can do is bow before Netanyahu and Liberman... President Obama is bowing before Israel, which steals the rights of the Palestinian people, because he has begun planning for the campaign to extend his term of office in 2012.
Therefore he applied pressure to President Mahmoud Abbas in a conversation that lasted 50 minutes, by using threats to force the Palestinian leadership to withdraw the [proposed] resolution condemning the settlements and emphasizing their illegality... President Obama attaches no importance to values, morality, the principles of human rights, or international law. All that matters to him is his own interest and the interests of his country. He forgets that the world is changing, and is no longer a hostage to American interests... The Palestinian people, with its long history of resistance, knows that the Arab nations will soon begin to chant their old slogans, including, 'America is the head of the snake.' The Arab masses will emphasize that they are rising up not only against poverty and corruption, but also against degradation and humiliation [and seek] to restore their glory and their dignity. The symbol of the glory and dignity of the Arab masses is the conflict with Israel and its allies, following their escape from regimes which oppressed them, impoverished them, starved them, and which acted as a barrier between them and the stopping of the Zionist enterprise. All the sacrifices are insignificant, if the alternative is degradation and humiliation. Our nations have held back for a long time, but they will rise up, rebel, [bring about] change, and answer, 'Yes, we can.'"
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