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PA daily editor: Arab regimes oppress their populace "for the sake of their ties with Americans"

Following the US veto of the recent UN Security Council resolution on the issue of Israeli building in Jerusalem and the West Bank (Feb. 18, 2011), the Palestinian Authority stepped up its verbal attacks against the United States.
Hafez Barghouti, editor of the official PA daily:

     "We, as Palestinians, have to turn to our youth for them to make contact with their Arab peers via Facebook and warn them of the American and Western attempts to reap the fruits of the protests [going on in the Arab countries] and [their attempts] to appoint leaders over the youth to act for the sake of the American agendas, in order to establish subservience following the collapse of the regimes which served the American policy for many decades. The Palestinian leadership has succeeded in exposing American hypocrisy and the unbounded discrimination in favor of the occupation, as expressed in the use of its veto against the condemnation of settlements. This alone shows the essence of the American colonialist policy, which is hostile towards the Arab nation, and especially the Palestinian nation, and its aspirations for freedom, dignity and justice. We understand very well that the protests and revolutions blazing in the Arab countries have economic and social roots, and that they are related to corruption and social injustice. However, this is a result of police states which enforced oppression, first and foremost for the sake of their ties with the Americans. Every corrupt Arab has a foreign or Israeli partner, and the most corrupt and the richest in Egypt have partners in Israel in the field of gas and the like. Therefore, the rebellion against oppression and corruption must be directed towards the godfathers of the thieves of natural resources and the oppressors of nations, not only against their agents."
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