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Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs article on Palestinian incitement cites PMW

Joel Fishman  |
Incitement to hatred and violence is a weapon of political warfare. It is not the result of a misunderstanding, nor does it happen randomly. States and insurgent movements that are waging war openly or engaging in low-intensity conflict, such as asymmetrical warfare, use it to advance their ends. As a weapon of political warfare, incitement belongs to the same category as agitation and propaganda. The use of this weapon reflects the basic elements of state policy and provides a reliable indicator of the way a government truly views its purpose.

Persistent reports based primarily on information from Palestinian Media Watch [footnote links to PMW's website] describe the pervasiveness and intensity of Palestinian incitement against Israel. Such acts include the naming of public buildings, sports facilities, and streets after Palestinian terrorists who have murdered Israeli civilians. The public discourse, which encompasses the educational system, teaching materials such as textbooks and maps, television, billboards, and the media of popular culture (such as websites and crossword puzzles), conveys a message of hatred. It honors Palestinian “martyrs,” killed while perpetrating terror attacks against Israeli civilians and exhorts the youth to emulate such “exemplary role models.”

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