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PA PM Fayyad proposes forming unity government with Hamas

"Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has proposed forming a unity government with Hamas, under which the Islamist group would have responsibility for security in Gaza.
Speaking to Palestinian journalists late Monday, Fayyad said the "security concept" applied by Hamas in Gaza, where the group has sought to enforce a ceasefire with Israel, could provide common ground.
"The security concept practiced by Hamas in the Gaza Strip should be brought under an official framework because it is not different from what is practiced by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank," Fayyad said.
"After a national unity government is formed, it can take on the task of supervising a security agreement based on the institutions in place in the West Bank and Gaza."
"The compatibility between the policy adopted by the Palestinian leadership and that applied by Hamas on the ground in Gaza... opens the way for a national unity government to immediately manage affairs of state," he added."

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