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PA Justice Minister calls for disengagement from Oslo Accords

Headline: “PA Minister of Justice calls for disengagement from Oslo Accords”
“PA Minister of Justice, Ali Khashan, called today to introduce a project [to consolidate] a constitutional document, with the participation of the Palestinian youth and all the organizations, parties, streams, institutions, and public figures… Khashan emphasized that this step requires an official Palestinian declaration of final disengagement from the so-called Oslo Accords, and a commitment to building the independent and sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem. This was said during a meeting for youth held by the Sharek youth forum at its offices in Ramallah, under the title, “Youth and the rule of law – a basis for building the independent Palestinian state”. Khashan emphasized the importance of the constitutional document, since it would be the means to achieve national and geographical unity between the two parts of the homeland… He added: ‘We must not go backwards and remain chained by Oslo. The constitutional document must be consolidated through internal dialogue, far from all the regional and foreign countries.’”