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PA daily announces Palestinian boycott of US Consulate in Jerusalem

"Hatem Abd Al-Qader, who holds Fatah's Jerusalem portfolio, announced a boycott of the American consulate, its diplomats, and the American institutions in Jerusalem, in protest over the American veto of the proposed law [i.e., resolution] at the [UN] Security Council denouncing the Israeli settlements.
Abd Al-Qader told Agence France Presse: 'The local councils and municipalities in the Jerusalem district, 28 in total, have decided to boycott the American consulate in Jerusalem and all the American institutions, American personnel and diplomats, in protest over the decision of the Barack Obama administration to use its veto power to sabotage a proposed Palestinian resolution denouncing Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.'
Abd Al-Qader stated that 'the Palestinian factions in Jerusalem are inclined towards a comprehensive boycott' of American institutions in Jerusalem. He added that this boycott 'will continue until the American administration changes its stance concerning the Palestinian cause, and especially concerning the issue of settlements, and apologizes to the Palestinian people and its president, Mahmoud Abbas.'
Abd Al-Qader said that the American administration 'cannot extort the Palestinian people and humiliate it with a bit of aid and support for Palestinian institutions, and therefore we have decided to boycott these personnel, including the American consulate in occupied Jerusalem.'" Click to view bulletin

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