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PA TV broadcast tribute to Martyrs of the DFLP

A Palestinian Authority video TV tribute to "Martyrs" was broadcast in honor of the anniversary of the founding of the DFLP (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine).

The first image, with the caption
"Martyrs (Shahids) of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Nablus," pictures the following terrorists:
- Habash Hanani, who in May 2002 entered Itamar and murdered three students in the local high school.
- Ahmad Yasser, who carried out a shooting attack in the town of Yitzhar in June 2002, injuring three soldiers. 
- Hani Al-Akad, who in 2004 recruited female suicide terrorists and planned a double suicide attack in Tel Aviv.

The second image, labeled
"Heroes of the special operations in northern Palestine," shows 16 photographs of past DFLP members posing with weapons.
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Note: This clip was broadcast several times daily from February 21 - 24.

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