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Palestinian actor in PA TV interview: Quran says Jews worry over money

Abd Al-Rahman Abu Al-Qasem, Palestinian actor living in Syria: 
     “Thirty or forty years ago, we presented the Jew in the theater as someone with a bent nose who lends [money] with interest and who understands nothing except money matters, and is cowardly, ugly, interested only in collecting money and controlling the people around him. However, this is not accurate or correct: The Jew doesn't have a bent nose, and isn't cowardly, and is not interested only in accumulating money. Of course, he is interested in accumulating money - the Jews throughout history, and in the religions, and the Quran tells us about the Jews and their worry over money. …This enemy is not an easy enemy, and if we want to defeat this difficult enemy, we have to be united so that we can strengthen our abilities to liberate the entire stolen Palestinian homeland.”
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Note: This video originally aired on Jan. 23, 2011. It was rebroadcast on Feb. 27, 2011.

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