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Israel to make Jerusalem "the capital of world Jewry"

Headline: “Khater cautions concerning a conference on tourism in Jerusalem, viewing it as an Israeli attempt to establish facts on the ground”
“Secretary General of the Islamic-Christian Council, Hassan Khater, cautioned yesterday concerning the Israeli insistence on holding the International Tourism Conference in occupied Jerusalem on March 29, noting that invitations had been sent to more than 30 countries. In an announcement on his behalf yesterday, Khater said that the holding of this conference – under the auspices of the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, the municipality of occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and other Israeli institutions – means that Israel has succeeded in marketing Jerusalem as the capital of the occupation state, and forcing this great lie upon the participating countries…
He emphasized that the insistence of the occupation authorities on holding this conference exposes intentions and a trend to consolidate Jerusalem as the capital of world Jewry... and not just as the capital of the State of Israel. He warned that continuation of this policy, in the shadow of international silence, could erode all the international decisions which have been taken for the benefit of the holy city, and may also tempt hundreds of thousands of Jews in the world to immigrate to Jerusalem, especially once they realize that various countries are cooperating with the Israeli lies.”

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