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PA daily: Study of the Holocaust in Palestinian UNRWA-run schools is "disgraceful"

     "In an interview with Al-Quds, [Deputy head of the PLO Department for Refugees, Muhammad] Abu Bakr responded to reports that UNRWA has introduced studies on the Holocaust, or what is known by that name, in its schools. He noted that there is no exact information as to the truth of these reports, but if this happens, it would be a deviation by UNRWA from its commitments and the understandings between itself and the host countries, and this would be a precedent which cannot be ignored...
He added: 'We support any measure which will lead to enrichment of the study curriculum with information and innovations in the spheres of science, culture, human rights and history, on the basis of conformity with the prevailing reality in the learning environment of the circles within which the Palestinian refugees study - which is obviously their natural environment. It is unthinkable that we would lead our refugee children in opposing directions, whether by means of study curricula or by other means...'
Nabila Al-Saleh, a member of the Committee for Defense of the Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, said that teaching the Holocaust in UNRWA schools is disgraceful, and opposed to UNRWA's educational goals. She noted that teaching the Holocaust serves the Zionist narrative at the expense of the refugee issue and the issue of the Palestinian people."
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