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Advisor to PA Foreign Minister: Protect [Muslim and Christian] holy sites from Israeli theft

Headline: “Jaradat: The Palestinian cause has received great support from the Council of the Arab League [of Nations]”
“Tayseer Jaradat, advisor to the [PA] Foreign Minister, said that the Palestinian cause had received attention yesterday from foreign ministers at the Arab League Council. He stated that the foreign ministers had discussed several issues raised by the permanent representatives during their meeting over the past two days…
Concerning the purpose of the Palestinian party’s request for serious Arab activity at UNESCO, the Foreign Minister’s advisor on Arab affairs said that the Arab, Islamic and Christian heritage in Jerusalem and in Bethlehem was facing a dangerous Israeli policy, because the occupation state considered some of the holy sites in Bethlehem and in Hebron as part of the Jewish tradition.
He added, ‘We remember the bombardment of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem a few years ago, and this shows how Israel does not respect the sanctity of the holy places, and that it can do anything without any warning. Therefore, we have asked for Arab activity at UNESCO in order to protect the holy places and the historical and archaeological sites, and to resist their theft and attribution to Jewish heritage.’”

Note: Israel has never “bombed” the Church of the Nativity. It was Palestinian terrorists who stormed the church in 2002, in order to use the monks and the religious site as shields, while fighting against Israel for several weeks.