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Third Intifada Facebook page calls for Arabs to storm Israel’s borders

Facebook page "Third Palestinian Intifada"
     "Attention: The countries neighboring Palestine will start to advance on Palestine on May 15th, and a while after that all the Islamic countries will advance. Our time is near. Palestine will be liberated, and it will be we who liberated it. Our aim at present is to reach millions of friends with this page before May.
I request that you publicize this page everywhere.
We are coming, Palestine.
Copy the link to your page, add it to your profile, and publicize it with every photograph, video, page, and everywhere:
[link to Facebook page]
Palestine, how negligent we have been concerning your rights. Forgive us and forgive your children for this.
You have always been our inspiration for resoluteness, for resistance, and for the struggle for you to be free and Arab.
Palestine, as you were, as you still are, and as you will remain,
I love you, queen of lands!
Following the Tunisian Intifada, the Egyptian Intifada and the Libyan Intifada, it is now the turn of the Palestinian Intifada.
The first Intifada was in 1987.
The second Intifada was in 2000.
As to the third Intifada, its date will soon appear on this page.
We have contacted the managers of Arab [Facebook] pages with large numbers of friends, and they have said that they will assist us in publicizing this page. The Palestinian cause is our cause.
Publicize this page on websites, forums, and everywhere, and invite all your friends to join. If everyone invites all his friends – by Allah, by today we will have more than 100,000 friends.
This page was created on March 6, 2011.
Allah willing, we will reach a million [friends] this week.
The time for Palestine’s liberation has come.
Everyone who has a Facebook page – please publicize our page on yours.
Palestine will be liberated and it will be we who liberated it.
We are coming, Palestine.
If Facebook closes this page, all Muslims will boycott it forever!"

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