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Fatah MP calls for filing suits against Israel in international courts and for Europe to remove Hamas from list of terror organizations

     “At a press conference following the meeting [between Nabil Shaath, Fatah MP and Central Committee member, and Amr Musa, Secretary General of the Arab League], Shaath added: ‘We are in a situation that requires aid, because we are facing the Israeli occupier, and right now there is no hope of any sort of negotiations with them. This is because they do not recognize the sources of authority of the peace process, nor the need to implement that which was agreed upon in the past.’…
Shaath continued: ‘Right now we are outside of negotiations, and inside the strategy of the popular struggle and escalating it, boycotting Israel and its goods, and activity to achieve recognition by further [countries] for an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital… Our role requires that we act in all international forums, both in the International Court of Justice and the [International] Criminal Court, in order to file suits against Israel because of its dangerous racist measures.’…
He emphasized that the result of the [planned Palestinian] elections is what will determine the level of participation of each faction in the future Palestinian government, such that no one will be left out. He said, ‘I was recently in Europe, and we are acting for Hamas to be removed from the list of terror [organizations] and for the countries of Europe to recognize any national government in which Hamas and the other elements participate.’… In response to a question about the ramifications of the American veto [on a unilateral declaration of independence] for the Palestinian cause, Shaath said: ‘This veto did not surprise me. On the contrary, it made me happy, because it showed Washington’s true nature, and revealed that the US stands alone against 14 member states of the Security Council.”

Note: These comments were in response to the US veto of a UN resolution on the issue of Israeli building in Jerusalem and the West Bank (Feb. 18, 2011).

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