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Al Quds University celebrates 33rd anniversary of Mughrabi terror attack

Headline: “Al-Quds Open University marks anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dalal Mughrabi with a call to approve the Families of Shahids (Martyrs) Law”
     “Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, Sabri Saidam, emphasized that the Shahids (Martyrs) are the ones who should ascend the highest dais, because they proved to the world that they are entrusted with the sacred mission, since they sacrificed themselves for the sake of the homeland. He said this yesterday, as the Al-Quds Open University marked the 33rd anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dalal Mughrabi, in cooperation with the Palestinian Writers’ Union and the National Union of Families of Shahids, in the presence of Sabri Saidam; member of the Revolutionary Council, Nayef Sweitat; Secretary General of the Palestinian Writers’ Union, Murad Al-Sudani; Secretary General of the National Association of Shahids’ Families, Muhammad Sbeihat; Dean of Student Affairs at the university, Muhammad Shahin; sister of the Shahida (Martyr), Rashida Mughrabi; and several writers, family members of Shahids, and students. Saidam emphasized that the Shahida Mughrabi remains in [our] minds and in our dreams… Al-Sudani said that commemoration of the anniversary of [the death of] Shahida Dalal by the union [of Palestinian Writers] arises out of a cultural statement which lays the foundations for the homeland and announces the transition to the sacred obligation, which the elevated and dear Shahid masters set forth. He condemned the fact that there are some who are ashamed to mark Dalal’s anniversary [of Martyrdom], and said that whoever is ashamed of his Shahids, is ashamed of [his] history. He emphasized that the Shahida Mughrabi square should be inaugurated…
Sbeihat, for his part, stated that this ceremony of honor was not just for Dalal Mughrabi, but for all the Shahids… Nayef Sweitat of the National Guidance [Directorate] delivered a speech on behalf of the family of Shahida Dalal Mughrabi, in which he spoke of the political significance of the Dalal Mughrabi operation… Muhammad Shahin said in a speech on behalf of the university’s president, Younes Amr: ‘There is nothing that expresses greater loyalty to Dalal than our providing for her illustrious sisters that which will contribute to their resolve.’”