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PA Minister of Religious Affairs glorifies female Martyrs and prisoners who engage in Jihad

Minister of Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Habbash, Friday sermon:
“Look at Palestinian women. Have they lagged behind men in anything? Have they lagged behind in the struggle, in Jihad? Have they lagged behind in Ribat? Have they lagged behind in [violent] resistance? The existence of female prisoners is proof that my words are correct. Our Shahidas (Martyrs), from among our daughters and mothers and the women of Palestine, are proof of what I am saying. The women have not lagged behind, and in our society no door is closed to them. All doors are open, so that women may participate together with men in all spheres of life: in action, in Jihad, in resistance, in politics, in the legal system…
Women’s liberation will happen [when they are] shoulder-to-shoulder with men in building society, in liberating Palestine, in building identity, in consolidating values, in educating the younger generation, in creating men. That is the woman’s role.’”