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PA daily columnist: Israel was behind the murder of the Fogel family in Itamar

Columnist Fayyad Abd Al-Karim Fayyad:
“Anyone who thinks that the incident [i.e. terror attack] in the settlement of Itamar was committed by Palestinians is short-sighted and of narrow perspective. The reasons are numerous and as clear as day, and the Palestinian people, comprising all its groups, is not capable of attaining the sort of barbarity with which this incident was carried out.
Where are the settlement guards? If we were to believe that the September, 2001 operations were carried out by Al-Qaida, then we can believe that the events in Itamar were carried out by a Palestinian.
The incident, which claimed the lives of an entire family, does not serve the Palestinian cause at the present time. Were the Palestinian people not endowed with the moral values of their religions, Islam and Christianity, they would have carried out something even worse and more brutal, because of the oppression, the suppression and the frustration which seizes them day and night, every day, as a result of the actions and the ravings of the settlers in the streets, in the fields, in the villages and on the by-pass roads.
It is the extremist Israeli government which needs this event. There is no doubt that those who attacked the ship bringing Jewish immigrants to Palestine prior to the establishment of the State [of Israel], those who exploded bombs in Cairo in the ‘50’s, those who attacked Jews in Baghdad after the establishment of the State of Israel so as to cause Iraqi Jews to emigrate from Baghdad – those who have this sort of history of harming their own people and assassinating others – they are the only ones guilty of carrying out such an operation; no-one else.”

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