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PA honors accomplices of suicide terrorists who murdered 34 in 2 attacks

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
One day before terror attack in town of Itamar:
PA TV honors woman who led
suicide terrorist to Sbarro bombing
Fatah: She is "heroic"

One week before terror attack in town of Itamar:
PA TV honors man who drove
suicide terrorist to Gilo bombing
Host: He is "heroic"

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

One day before the terror attack in the town of Itamar in which five members of an Israeli family were murdered in their home, PA TV broadcast a program honoring Ahlam Tamimi, the woman accomplice who led the suicide terrorist to the Sbarro pizza restaurant in August, 2002. 15 people were murdered in the attack, 7 of them children.

One week before the terror attack in Itamar, PA TV honored another accomplice to a suicide attack. Fahami Mashahara drove a suicide bomber to Gilo in Jerusalem in 2001 who killed 19 and injured more than a hundred. His daughter was invited to perform a song on PA TV.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented the ongoing Palestinian Authority policy of glorifying terrorists as role models.

Visiting Tamimi's home, the PA TV crew interviewed her relatives, who expressed their longing for her and their hope for her release.

The PA TV camera focused on a certificate awarded by Fatah to the terrorist accomplice, calling her "the heroic prisoner."

The award is decorated with photographs of Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad, the Fatah logo, and a photograph of Tamimi herself. The text reads:
"A gift of the Fatah Palestinian National Liberation Movement
Ramallah - El-Bireh branch
To the heroic prisoner Ahlam Tamimi
As a token of esteem for your sacrifices
And your acts of heroism."
[PA TV (Fatah), March 10, 2011]

Tamimi, who is serving 16 life sentences, has never expressed remorse for her role in the terror attack.

A week before the attack in the town of Itamar, interviewing the daughter of Mashahara who was invited to perform a song on PA TV, the TV host referred to her father as "heroic," and passed on to him "greetings of honor and admiration":

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Daughter of driver of suicide bomber:
"Father, how long will you remain [in prison]? Until Palestine is liberated--but the Arabs are sleeping! Father, shall I wait patiently until Israel disappears--but the Arabs are deluded? Enough of the oppression! Give me back my father! How long shall I remain without my father?"
PA TV host to suicide bomber's driver's daughter:
"Greetings of honor and admiration to your heroic father in prison, Fahami Mashahara (driver of suicide bomber), serving 20 life sentences in the occupation's prison. Thank you very much."
[PA TV (Fatah), March 4, 2011]

PA TV is under the control of the office of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
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