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Libel: Holocaust a fable utilized to win empathy

 "The winds blew in their favor, when the persecution against them by the Nazi Hitler started, and when what Hitler did to them was stronger than their programs and the international Jewish media that were under their control, they exploited it in the best possible way, and the show began. They began to distribute horrific pictures of mass shooting being committed against them and to fabricate the shocking story about gas ovens, [in] which, according to their claims, Hitler would burn them [the Jews]. Newspaper columns began to fill with pictures of Jews being cut down by Hitler's machine guns, and of Jews being led to the gas ovens. In these pictures they concentrated on women, children and the elderly. And they took advantage of this in order to arouse empathy towards them, while they demanded monetary compensation, grants and contributions from all over the world. The truth is that the persecution of the Jews is a false fable that the Jews called the disaster of the "Holocaust."
And although it is possible that Hitler's attack against the Jews hurt them slightly, it also clearly served them to the point where even today they reap its benefits. This was the front door to winning American and European support and realizing their dream and their plans. "

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