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Organizers of anti-PA protests want “anarchy” that serves Israel, say PA daily

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily

“The Palestinian street will remain the street of Palestinian nationalism… in contrast to the coarse calls made by those who were at Al-Manara Square in Ramallah, who lacked a spirit of unity and national and moral values. They described the fighters from among our people as ‘dogs’ (!!!) [parentheses in source] and called for the of the leader of the national legitimacy [PA President Mahmoud Abbas] to step down, …a departure that the occupation state, Israel, is hoping for…

One of the participants in this demonstration, who is considered a significant opposition member, left it after he discovered how ugly and lowly the calls were. He considered it unacceptable to remain in a demonstration that calls out: ‘Come on, come on, PA dogs out!’ He wrote this on his Facebook page, and added that at this demonstration ‘they deceived him and many of the participants in it, and they exploited his will and their will.’ Despite these insults, the [PA] security members and police who were around the demonstration acted according to the law, with their national sentiment. They adhered to their role as inspectors in order to protect public property and the demonstrators themselves. Their tolerance was like that of [biblical] Job, as there are curses that even a moderate person cannot restrain himself against!

With calls like these, the demonstration in Ramallah was not for the benefit of the late [Nizar] Banat (i.e., activist murdered by PA Security Forces; see note below), but rather for the benefit of agendas that call for destruction and anarchy, so that the scenario of the Arab Fall – which under no circumstances was an [Arab] Spring – will repeat itself here. In such a case, only the Israeli occupation will benefit from its results. This was the goal of this demonstration, only from the perspective of those who planned it and led it, and not from the perspective of many who participated in it and discovered that they had fallen victim to a trick.”

PA critic and activist Nizar Banat died after being violently beaten and arrested by PA Security Forces in Hebron on June 24, 2021.

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