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PA TV denies history of Jewish Temple in Jerusalem; claims Israel invented “legends and fantasies”

Official PA TV newsreader: “The video that the Israeli media published revealed the extent of the Israeli excavations in the depths of the holy city [Jerusalem], which the occupation is planning to include in the so-called “Western Wall Tunnel Path” in order to present tourists with their false narratives.”

Official PA TV reporter: “These are pictures… of the Israeli excavations [in Jerusalem]… in which no archaeological existence of their alleged Temple has been proven (sic.). This propaganda video… is meant to attract tourists and to teach them the Israeli narrative, which has no basis other than in their heads that are full of legends and fantasies. The so-called Israel Antiquities Authority… revealed that this structure, for which they put together a story and invented a narrative that suits their lies, will be included in the Western Wall Tunnel Path … [Jerusalem] is experiencing a fierce war underground and aboveground [whose purpose is] to Judaize a place that speaks nothing but its Palestinian language.”

The location and existence of the Jewish Temples in Jerusalem have been verified by many written sources, archaeologists and archaeological finds.

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