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Fatah TV calls Arab who sold land to Jews in Jerusalem “a traitor, betrayer of the homeland”

Awdah TV host: “The other topic we have is the topic of ‘the fugitive,’ and he is the one selling his land and his homeland – and most importantly, selling his morals. Jerusalem was surprised by the news that one of the residents left his home at dawn. How can someone leave his home and move away? Walid Ahmed Atout thought differently, as he sold his home in Silwan (i.e., East Jerusalem) to the [Jewish] settler group Elad. The act of transference [of land] is carried out in Jerusalem by someone selling his home to someone else, and afterwards the second person sells it to a third person – and thus the act is carried out until in the end it is transferred to [Jewish] settler groups. To be depicted as a victim [Atout] says that he sold it to another Arab person, but in the end it was transferred [to Jews]. But his escape revealed his disgraceful act, as you can see in this video: The moment when Atout fled at dawn. (Footage is shown -Ed.) This treason that we watched with you is that of Walid Ahmed Atout – a traitor and land transferrer – and this is his picture. (A photo of Atout is shown -Ed.)

We are sorry to be displaying him on Awdah TV, but this is because these images and this information are important for our people, so that they will see this traitor and that he transferred his land. He did an injustice to himself, an injustice to his children and his wife. How will the child, the son, and this wife live with this betrayer of his land and betrayer of his homeland?”

Silwan is a predominantly Arab neighborhood near the Old City of Jerusalem, built above ruins of ancient Jerusalem.

Elad is an Israeli NGO promoting and actively working to settle Jews in East Jerusalem.

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