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Jews are Khazar nation invented by King Cyrus II, says PA daily columnist

Excerpt by Yahya Rabah, regular columnist for the official PA daily

“Thousands of archaeological delegations that dug and searched throughout Palestine [finding remnants form Israel] were false, and they did not find even one relic from the Khazars who falsely call themselves the children of Israel. They [Jews as a nation] do not really exist, they are a lie and falsehood, and the one who invented them was Persian King Cyrus II who claimed one day that he would return the [Khazar] agents that he recruited for his empire to their lands of origin. Thus, he claimed that he would return the fake Khazar children of Israel to their land, and thus it was, and the lie continued to spread to this very day.

PMW note: King Cyrus II gave the Jews permission to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple in the late 6th century BCE.

The claims of a Khazar-Jewish nation connection is of an 8th century CE Khazars.