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History distortion: Hamas denies ancient archaeological discoveries as a Jewish “falsification”

Hamas, website  |

Headline: “Hamada: The occupation’s claims regarding the Jerusalem wall are a theft of the city’s history”

“Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas Spokesperson for Jerusalem Muhammad Hamada said that the occupation’s announcement on the discovery of an ancient eastern part of the Jerusalem wall, according to which it is a continuation of previous discoveries connected to their alleged Temple, and according to which Hebrew antiquities were found next to this wall (r efers to discovery of a First Temple period city wall and accompanying artifacts at the City of David archaeological site -Ed.), is nothing but a continuation of its established method of falsifying and stealing the holy city’s history.

In a press release, Hamada emphasized that this constitutes part of the occupation’s plan to Judaize Jerusalem and erase its Arab and Islamic identity…

He emphasized that everything that [the occupation] is doing in order to falsify history and distort the facts will not help it, and that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Palestine whose identity is Islamic-Arab.”

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