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Following PMW’s warning letter, BPC demands answers of PA Monetary Authority

Itamar Marcus  |

On Tuesday PMW wrote to VISA/VISA PLUS and BPC Banking Technologies, alerting them that the Palestinian Authority may be using their technology to facilitate its “Pay-for-Slay” terror reward program, which PMW has been exposing and fighting for years.

PMW is pleased to report that the BPC Group responded immediately that “BPC Group has zero tolerance against terror,” and that they immediately sent PMW’s report to the Palestine Monetary Authority demanding an answer. BPC gave them one week to respond.

PMW welcomes the response from BPC and hopes to receive a similar response from VISA/VISA PLUS.

The following is the full response from BPC:

“Thank you for your email.
BPC Group has zero tolerance against terror.
BPC Legal unit already contacted our client, Palestine Monetary Authority, and requested to officially clarify information provided by your reputable organization.
We will inform you at the soonest once we have a substantial feedback from the client after July 26th.
Sincerely yours,
BPC Group”


After PMW warned all the banks in the PA areas that they were acting as the conduit for the PA’s terror reward program and would be liable for criminal and civil legal proceedings, the banks closed 35,000 bank accounts of terrorists and their families.

Desperate for a way to pay the terrorists, the PA installed ATMs at their post office branches for the sole use of terrorists and their families, thus bypassing the banks. PMW researched the topic and found that these ATMs may be using BPC and VISA/VISA PLUS technologies. Last week, PMW notified BPC and VISA/VISA PLUS about the issue.

For years PMW has been working with foreign donor countries that aid the PA, repeatedly explaining to them that their financial support was facilitating PA terror rewards. After repeatedly warning the PA to stop its program, four countries eventually cut off all funding to the PA. The rest of the donor countries have continued to fund Palestinian projects and various PA ministries but not the PA’s general budget, in the hope that their money would not be ending up in the hands of terrorists. Many countries cut funding to the PA significantly.

Since the international community was not taking a strong enough stance against the PA’s terror funding, PMW decided to fight the PA’s terror rewards at the source. Forcing the PA banks to close 35,000 bank accounts of terrorists and their families was an initial success. PMW is now taking the battle to the companies that supply the banking technology that enable the terror payments.

For more information, please contact us at: [email protected]

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