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Hamas congratulates Taliban for defeating the US

Hamas, website  |

Headline: “Hamas congratulates the Afghani people for defeating the American occupation in its land”

“The Islamic Resistance Movement ‘Hamas’ congratulated the Muslim Afghani people for defeating the American occupation in all the Afghani territories (refers to Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in Aug 2021 -Ed.).

In a press release on Monday [Aug. 16, 2021], Hamas congratulated the Taliban Movement and its brave commanders over the victory, which constitutes the climax of its long jihad over the last 20 years.

Hamas wished the Muslim Afghan people and its leadership success in all that will give Afghanistan and its people unity, stability, and prosperity, and emphasized that the end of the occupation of the Americans and their allies proves that the resistances of the peoples, and foremost among them our fighting Palestinian people, are promised victory and the achievement of its goals – freedom and return, Allah willing.”

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