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PA daily columnist: The enemy [Israel] doesn’t hesitate to shed innocent blood

PA daily article by PLO Ambassador to India and regular columnist Adli Sadek:
“Cursed is he who remains silent”
     “May Allah in His mercy envelop the innocent people who died in the criminal [Israeli] bombing of Gaza. May the souls of the Shahids (Martyrs), the children – Allah’s beloved, cut short by the fighter planes - soar in the heavens. May every drop of their pure blood become a curse upon the occupiers!
At the same time, our obligation towards the Shahids who were murdered is [to do] more than composing laments and pouring curses upon the enemy… Our obligation towards our murdered Shahids is to sound a warning to those who give orders, who instruct that rockets be launched [Hamas]…
At the same time, the truth must be told, clearly: we do not wish for this type of ‘resistance’, which harms us and exacts a heavy price, while not causing pain to the occupiers…
The Palestinians who are within firing range know with certainty that this fanfare group [Hamas] does not intend to carry out Jihad. Had they intended to carry out this Jihad, they would have taken their lives in their hands and advanced with their wondrous means… to positions where they could cause pain to the occupiers, while sparing children and women the dangers of the cruel fire shot by an enemy [Israel] for whom the blood of innocents is not sacred…
Cursed is he who remains silent when our people, our sons and children, have died in vain. Cursed is he who remains silent at the crimes of the murderous occupiers, and at the gambles and the childishness of those who have no regard for blood and for people’s intelligence!”