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PA PM Fayyad marks International Women's day by glorifying Palestinian female terrorists

"Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, opened his weekly radio address by sending greetings to the Palestinian mother in honor of Mothers' Day...
The Prime Minister congratulated the Palestinian mothers for their leading and prominent role, alongside the men, and for their struggle to achieve full equal rights, out of thorough belief that a woman's right to equality is a natural, absolute and inalienable right. He said, 'On this occasion, I will not fail to mention with honor and admiration the resolve of the female prisoners, the fighters, and of all the prisoners of freedom who are imprisoned in the Israeli prisons, experiencing indescribable suffering. This requires that all of us intensify the effort to ensure their liberation from the occupation's chains and from the abuse of its [Israel's] executioners. I make special mention of all the women prisoners who are mothers: Iman Ghazawi, who has been imprisoned for ten years; Qahira Al-Sa'adi; Irena Sarahneh; Latifa Abu Dhiraa; Ibtisam Al-Issawi; Muntaha Al-Tawil; and Kifah Qatash.' He added, 'We do not forget the Palestinian mothers who stand as a barricade before the Israeli bulldozers in order to protect their land and their homes... I do not forget our righteous Shahid (Martyr) mothers, the mothers who are prisoners of freedom, and the mothers who have been injured or expelled.'"
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Note: Qahira Al-Sa'adi drove a suicide bomber to an attack in Jerusalem in 2002, in which 3 were killed. Irena Sarahneh drove a suicide bomber to an attack in the Israeli city Rishon LeZion in 2002, in which 2 were killed and dozens injured. Iman Ghazawi placed a bomb at the central bus station in Tel Aviv in 2001, which was discovered before it exploded. Latifa Abu Dhiraa smuggled a bomb into Israel for a suicide terror attack in 2003 that was uncovered before it was implemented.

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