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PA PM Fayyad condemns Jerusalem terror bombing

     “The President [Abbas] and [Prime Minister] Fayyad condemned the ‘operation’, Obama called for calm, and Egypt warned Israel against a military operation in Gaza – one killed and dozens injured in a bombing in Jerusalem, and Grad rockets hit Ashkelon and Beer Sheva”
"President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad yesterday condemned the operation (i.e., terror attack in which bomb exploded at bus stop) in Jerusalem, in which a woman was killed and 31 others were injured. US President Barack Obama condemned the operation and called for calm. At the same time, Palestinian rockets hit two cities deep inside Israel, causing injury to one resident...
In an announcement published by the [Palestinian] WAFA News Agency, President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the operation which took place in Jerusalem and claimed civilian casualties. The announcement added, 'The President already condemned yesterday the Israeli operation (i.e., after Hamas Grad rockets attacks on Israeli cities Ashkelon and Be'er Sheva, Israel attacked Hamas targets, which led to civilian casualties as well) in the Gaza Strip, leading to the Martyrdom deaths of 8 civilians and the injury of more than 20 others in Israeli bombings of various areas in the Gaza Strip.'
Prime Minister Fayyad condemned 'harshly' the explosion which took place next to the Jerusalem central bus station. He emphasized that such actions bring 'catastrophes' upon the Palestinian people. In an announcement, Fayyad said, 'I condemn this terror operation in the harshest terms, no matter who stands behind it.' Fayyad wished the injured a speedy recovery. He said, 'It is shameful that after all the catastrophes which such actions have brought upon our people, and the heavy damage which they have brought to our struggle and to the justice of our cause, some Palestinian parties still insist on renewing these shameful operations and scenes, under hollow slogans which our people no longer believe, and which stand in complete contrast to the legitimate attempt to earn freedom through peaceful means and through its determination to stand resolute and to remain upon its land.
'PLO Secretary Yasser Abd Rabbo condemned the explosion along with a condemnation of ‘violent operations against civilians, Palestinian or Israeli.’ He told Agence France Presse: ‘We denounce all violent operations which take the lives of Palestinian and Israeli civilians, including Israel’s operations which claimed 8 Palestinian victims, as well as any operation which harms Israeli civilians.’ […]
The spokesman of the Hamas government emphasized that his movement is working for a renewal in Gaza of the ceasefire with Israel, following the bombing in Jerusalem and the launching of dozens of mortars from Gaza into Israel. The [Hamas] government spokesman, Taher Al-Nunou, said in a press release: … ‘We emphasize our opposition to the policy of the Zionist enemy, which is attempting to draw our people into an escalation in order to extricate the occupation government from its political crisis.’”
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