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Girl recites poem on PA TV: "Prisoners who have killed the enemy in their own territory" are "heroes"

PA TV Program: For you
Broadcast from Ramallah – Mothers’ Day ceremony including mothers of prisoners. Qadura Fares, Head of the Prisoners’ Club; Issa Karake, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs; Leila Anam, District Governor of Ramallah all spoke at the ceremony.
Girl about 15 years-old recites a poem in honor of the prisoners:
     “Oh mother, my heart bleeds with longing,
My tears have burned with sadness and pain.
My fire has burst forth to create rebellion.
I have turned the chains into snakes,
biting the enemies with poison for their injustice and oppression.
Oh you who pass through [the village] Silwad,
while marking this anniversary [Mother’s Day] –
remember, remember if you are free.
There are heroes who are still prisoners,
who have killed the enemies in their own territory,
[at] Ein Al-Haramiyeh they vanquished them completely.
Some of them were lions who, roaring, brought [the enemies] out of their holes in fear.”

Note: The poem appears to be about Thaer Hammad, a Tanzim member from Silwad who, armed with a sniper’s rifle, shot at an Israeli army roadblock at Ein Al-Haramiyeh. Three soldiers and three Israeli civilians were killed, 2 more soldiers and 4 more civilians were injured.

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