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PA daily: Prisoner's club says Israel has policy of killing Palestinian prisoners

Headline: “’Medicinal’ pill almost kills the oldest of Hebron’s prisoners”
The article in the beginning explains how prisoner Ibrahim Fadl, who was given a pill following a deterioration in his state of health, and whose situation then became more acute.
“The [Prisoners’] Club accused the [Israeli] prison administration of not offering proper medical treatment to prisoners, causing dozens of them to die as Shahids (Martyrs), since they did not undergo the necessary medical examinations and were given medications without [prior] medical examination. The Club said: ‘Some of these medications are given to the prisoners by Israeli pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of carrying out experiments on them.’ The Club demanded of the European Parliament that the investigation committee established with its approval visit [the prisons] soon in order to examine the conditions in which the prisoners in the occupation’s prisons are living, and to put an end to the [Israeli] policy of killing which is being implemented against them.”

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