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Abbas extols mothers of Palestinian Shahids and prisoners

Headline: “President calls for meeting of the Constitution Committee and the Committee for PLO Development”
     “Yesterday morning, President Mahmoud Abbas asked the PLO Executive Committee to call upon the Constitution Committee to convene in order to complete its work before the end of September, concurrently with the conclusion of the building of the national institutions of the Palestinian state.
The President also called upon the Committee for PLO Development… to convene at the earliest opportunity in Amman or Cairo… to agree on the principles for the development of the PLO.
Yesterday, the President met separately with released prisoner Khaled Abu Kamela, who served a 9-year sentence in the occupation’s prisons; Hajja [pilgrim to Mecca] Zakiya Zaid and Hajja Farsakha Al-Dik; writers Mahmoud Shqeir and Ali Al-Khalili; and with a delegation from the Arab Liberation Front, led by Rakkad Salem.
The President updated the [Arab Liberation] Front delegation … concerning recent developments in the region and his continuing efforts to achieve national reconciliation and an end to the rift [between Fatah and Hamas]. He expressed hope that the Hamas movement would respond to his initiative to achieve unity between the two parts of the homeland…
During his meeting with Hajja Zakiya Zaid (88) and Hajja Farsakha Al-Dik (65), President Mahmoud Abbas said that it is the Palestinian mothers who defend the national enterprise through their great sacrifices for the sake of freedom and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
He emphasized that all means should be provided to ease the suffering of the mothers who stand resolutely, who gave birth to the fighter, the Shahid (Martyr) and the prisoner, and who suffer after parting from their own flesh and blood as a sacrifice as a sacrifice for the homeland.”

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