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PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs: Israel has a policy of "deliberate neglect" against sick prisoners

Headline: “During visit to families of sick prisoners Akram Mansour and Iyad Nasser, Karake: Israel is maliciously carrying out a crime against sick prisoners”
“Yesterday, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Karake, visited the Qalqilya home of prisoner Akram Abd Al-Aziz Mansour, who has served 33 years in the occupation’s (i.e., Israel’s) prisons… and his health situation is grave… Prisoner Akram is suffering from a tumor in his head, and his health situation has been deteriorating for the past 10 years. He has not received the necessary treatment, nor has he undergone medical examinations…
Karake and a delegation from the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs and of the Tulkarem district visited the home of prisoner Iyad Nasser, whose health situation has recently deteriorated, to the point where he has almost lost sight in both eyes. During the visit, Karake said that the [Israeli] prison administration was adopting a policy of deliberate neglect against prisoner Iyad and the other sick prisoners.”

Note: Akram Mansour was given a life sentence for the murder of a reserve soldier in 1979. Iyad Nasser was a Fatah operative who was involved in terror attacks.

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