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PA TV video encourages Iraqis to kill US and UK soldiers during war in Iraq

Palestinian music video:
     "Be strong, Baghdad, be strong! [Video shows Iraqis celebrating a downed US helicopter]. Be strong facing the attacks! Oppose the plot! [Video shows US soldiers carrying away the body of a fallen comrade. The following frame shows cheering Iraqis waving automatic rifles]. Be strong and get tough with the evil ones. Don't worry about the shelling and the siege. Tomorrow you will triumph! Stop the invader! Be strong, Baghdad, be strong! Be strong with the oppressors. Don't retreat, don't surrender! Be strong with the wicked ones! [Video shows US tank on fire. The next frame shows cheering Iraqis waving automatic rifles.] Pull the trigger, the despicable ones must go! The days of glory will return, a bone in the aggressors' throat! Be strong, Baghdad, be strong!" [Video shows coffin draped with American and British flags. Text on coffin: "Iraq - the invaders' graveyard."]

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