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Israeli army responsible for spread of cancer, infertility among Palestinians and drugs among youth

Ashraf Jum’a is a member of the Palestinian Parliament (Legislative Council):
“During a lecture which he gave at the Center for Defense of Society, on the reasons for the spread of cancers and infertility amongst Palestinian society in recent years, Jum’a emphasized that the main reasons are the Israeli army’s use of types of ammunition which are forbidden by international law, such as poisonous gas, white phosphorus, and other types of substances which seep unnoticed into food and drink. This causes diseases of infertility…
He added that the growing number of Palestinian residents in the occupied territories represents a demographic time-bomb threatening Israel. Therefore Israeli Intelligence has begun disseminating medications and drugs with no medical supervision, [causing cancer and infertility] and especially sexual stimulants whose effects have not been studied, and which are being used by youth who know nothing about them.”