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PA Deputy Minister of Culture participates in event honoring female "Martyrs" and prisoners; Israel steals Palestinian culture

“The Eve Center for Culture and Arts in Nablus held a large gathering at the An-Najah National University yesterday to mark Land Day, under the slogan ‘Land and Identity’, to honor the female Martyrs, expellees and prisoners of the ‘70’s. The gathering was held… to honor and commemorate the Martyrs, prisoners and expellees of the Nablus region from the period in which the Palestinian resistance began, during the years 1967-1970… Deputy Minister of Culture, Musa Abu Ghreibeh, spoke about the role of his Ministry in reviving the Palestinian memory, especially in light of Israeli measures aimed at erasing this memory from the minds of Palestinians and specifically of the youth. He also noted with approval the role of the Eve Center (i.e., center for women’s issues) in strengthening culture, resolve, and activity aimed at preventing the occupation from stealing Palestinian culture.”
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