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PA: Israel carried out "premeditated murder of Palestinian civilians" in Gaza

Headline: “PA commits to act concerning Goldstone Report, despite Israel’s demand that it be shelved”
“The PA committed itself yesterday to continue its efforts at the UN to call Israel to account for its killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip – a day after the Israeli Prime Minister demanded that the UN shelve the Goldstone Report on the subject. Media spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said, in a press release: ‘The PA will not cease its efforts to pursue justice against the perpetrators of war crimes during the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip (2008-2009), in which Israel violated all boundaries.’ In an announcement published yesterday, the PLO Executive Council sharply attacked Justice Goldstone and accused him of an attempt to justify ‘the premeditated murder of Palestinian civilians, including families, such as the Al-Samouni family, of which 29 members were killed.’”

Note: This is a fairly representative response to Goldstone’s retraction of some of his claims. Some other responses talk about the enormous pressure exerted on him to retract.