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"Israeli racist apartheid state" behind murder of Israeli director and activist Juliano

Headline: “Juliano – a Shahid (Martyr) of Palestinian Culture”
by columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman, following the murder of director Juliano Mer Khamis in Jenin.
“Through his despicable crime, which has torn the hearts of all Palestinians, the murderer – who is hostile to the interests of the Palestinian people – sought to provide a free service to the Israeli apartheid state. Whatever the reasons and motives might be that led to the killing of Juliano Khamis, those reasons are nullified and feeble, opposing the choice, the aims and the interests of the Palestinian people. This is because the progressive Communist Juliano, the Palestinian patriot with Israeli citizenship, was a bone stuck in the throat of the aggressive occupation state…
He did not sever himself from the masses of his people, and continued in the path of his heroic Communist Jewish mother, Arna Mer, who was active for the cause of freedom for Palestine and the Palestinian people – not because she was the wife of Communist Saliba Khamis, but because of her belief in the justice of the Palestinian national struggle.
The suspicious and contemptible killing of Juliano the artist is part of the series of battles which the extremist right-wing [Israeli] government is waging against the process for a political agreement, and thus against the interests of the Palestinian people, in order to make its struggle for liberation odious…
No matter the name and nationality of the perpetrator of the cowardly terror crime against Juliano Mer-Khamis, he is a tool of the Israeli racist apartheid state, or at the very least – its partner, in murdering the national culture and the culture of peace and co-existence between the nations. It makes no difference whether he was or wasn’t an agent working for the Israeli security services; he is adverse to the interests of the Palestinian people, because the result is the same.”