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PA daily: PA accused of impinging on journalistic freedom

Headline: “Al-Damiri – We are ready to investigate and to indict for any incident or violation – Human Rights Watch report documents violations against journalists in the West Bank and in Gaza”
     “Official spokesman of the security forces, Adnan Al-Damiri, emphasized: ‘The security establishment is ready to investigate any personal violation and to adopt all legal measures against those who are committing violations, if there are any.’
Damiri’s words came in response to the report published yesterday by Human Rights Watch, accusing the Palestinian security services of violations against journalists. In a statement to WAFA, Al-Damiri demanded that Human Rights Watch reveal the incidents in which it claims that the security services carried out violations against journalists, to facilitate investigation and the submission of lawsuits in their regard.
The security services spokesman denied that arrests are made on the basis of politics or profession, and said that the instances in which arrests [of journalists] are made arise from harm to security or crimes.
Al-Damiri emphasized that the PA has no policy of harming freedom of the press and of journalists, and emphasized that freedom of the press is assured within the framework of the law, which respects freedom of expression and of the press and forbids any violation from this perspective.
Al-Damiri demanded of the human rights organizations to be objective in their work and not to publish any report without applying to the relevant authorities and asking them about the matter. He rejected the comparison between the functioning of the security establishment in the West Bank, which has undergone great development, and what Hamas is doing in Gaza.”

Note: To view the full report detailing the accusations against the PA and Hamas concerning journalistic freedom and harm to journalists, click here.