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Official PA daily: During the Intifada the PA permitted use of weapons

Official PA daily columnist, Adli Sadeq:
     “The truth is exposed once again in difficult moments, when Palestinian blood is shed in abundance, when the oppressive occupier (i.e., Israel) drives his nails into our living flesh and murders in cold blood… Here our blood pours, and there is no one to help. Blood has flowed freely since the collapse of the peace process in July 2000, when this enemy wanted to erase our rights and force a humiliating agreement upon us." What has happened since then resembles a black comedy: [During the Intifada], the [Palestinian] Authority gave free rein, maintained unity among all the forces (i.e., PA, Fatah, Hamas and others) in the struggle, permitted [use of] weapons, and showed defiance. The Palestinian security services sacrificed Shahids (Martyrs), and hard-line and moderate forces (i.e., the Arab countries) alike abandoned us. In the penultimate chapter, without any rest, brothers who are our partners in the blood tax (i.e., Hamas) fell upon the Palestinian entity which unites us, murdered, and engaged in accusations of treason. They justified their actions with the claim that their brothers (i.e., Fatah) were collaborators. Were the opposite not the case, there would have been no Al-Aqsa Intifada! When the results forced us to return to the option of politics and national resolve upon the land, unity was withheld from us with various excuses, and we found ourselves divided, with one of the strategic aims of the occupiers having been, and still being, to destroy our ability to realize the two opposite options: politics and resistance!”
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