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PA TV defines Palestine: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Galilee, Negev and all of Israel


PA TV program for youth – “Speak Up”
The program featured a short film with line from a song by Lebanese singer Fairouz, about longing for Palestine:
“Palestine – one day we will return to our home and bask in the warmth of our hopes”

Afterwards there are scenes of various places, labeled with their names: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv – labeled ‘Tal Al-Rabia, Haifa, the Dead Sea, the Negev, the Galilee, Caesarea, Masada – labeled ‘Jericho mountains’, and Acre.

At the end the following appears:
     “For your sake, Palestine, the youth have been demonstrating for 25 days to end the [Fatah-Hamas] rift."

Host: “This [TV] feature is our gift to Palestine and to all the Palestinians inside [the country] and outside, and throughout the world, on the 25th day of the youth protest to end the rift. We hope that you voices will be heard.”

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