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PA daily: Israel resorts to forgery to create Jewish history in Jerusalem

Headline: “Personalities living in Jerusalem: The occupation authorities [Israel] are forging the wall of Jerusalem by inserting stones engraved with a model of the alleged Temple”
“Respected Jerusalem bodies and personalities warned of suspicious forgery activities accompanying the extensive rehabilitation works which the occupation authorities [Israel] are carrying out…
Chairman of the Jerusalem Association of NGO’s, Hazem Gharabli, told WAFA…: ‘What intensifies the concerns of Jerusalem bodies and individuals – even regular people – is the fact that the occupation authorities have completely covered the area where the rehabilitation works are being carried out, not allowing anyone to see which activities are actually going on there. Their aim may be to remove original stones and to replace them with stones with Talmudic drawings or engravings, alluding to the existence of a Jewish heritage in the city.’… The Al-Aqsa Institute for Islamic Trusts and Heritage said that the Israeli occupation had replaced several stones from the wall with stones carrying Talmudic Jewish symbols, such as a stone with a model of the alleged Temple, and a stone with a Star of David.”
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