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Abbas at Martyrs' event: We "honor and sanctify" our Shahids [Martyrs]

“The Nablus branch of the National Association of Families of the Shahids of Palestine held an open day of fun for Shahids’ children, their wives and mothers, in honor of International Orphans’ Day, in the tourist village of Hadad, east of Jenin.
Jenin district governor, Qadura Musa, welcomed the families of the Shahids… and conveyed greetings from President Mahmoud Abbas to the families of the Shahids. He emphasized the interest which the President and the PA show in this group (i.e, the families), and said that [President Abbas] always emphasizes that they should be taken care of, and their needs provided. He added, ‘The Shahids are the ones who have illuminated our path to freedom, with their blood which has poured out and irrigated the ground of the homeland. We are a nation which honors and sanctifies its Shahids.’ He stated that all the PA institutions will make every effort to provide a dignified life for this fighting group from among our people [the Families of Shahids]. The district governor served a light meal for the children and mothers.”