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PA daily: Israel not only steals land but also history of Jerusalem

Headline: “Jerusalem is capital of Arab civilization”
“[Jerusalem] is the religious, historical, cultural and scientific capital of the Palestinian people in particular, and of the Arab nation in general. It is the pinnacle of civilizations of the entire world. When the Arab Jebusite king Malkizedeq built the city of Jerusalem, naming it Jebus and designating it the capital of his country six thousand years ago, none of the world’s capitals existed yet… The veteran families which lived in ancient Jerusalem… lived a life of culture and civilization in the full sense of the word, to the extent that other cities which arose thousands of years ago attempted to imitate Jerusalem, the unique wonder, but none of them succeeded in building [a city] like Jerusalem. This is Jerusalem, the city which is closer to God’s royal throne than any other part of the globe… Therefore the invaders [Israel/the Jews] desired it, despite its small area… because this is the place which the Creator blessed, along with its environs. The invaders [Israel/the Jews], who steal the city’s geography, are trying to also steal its history.”
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