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PA Minister Karake delivers speech at event honoring terrorists serving life sentences

Headline: “Ceremony in Bethlehem, attended by Hamayel and Karake, honoring the prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment”
“The Bethlehem Committee of Families of Prisoners Sentenced to Life Imprisonment, [the Bethlehem prisoners] numbering 73 in total, held a ceremony yesterday in their honor, as part of the events marking Prisoners’ Day. [The ceremony] was attended by Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Karake, and Bethlehem District Governor, Abd Al-Fattah Hamayel…
Speakers at the ceremony of honor included Minister Karake, District Governor Hamayel, and district deputy governor, Abu Ulia. They emphasized the importance of unifying the efforts on behalf of the prisoners, and at the same time stressing that the prisoners’ cause – with its national, moral, and humanitarian dimensions – is one of the most important matters on the agenda of the Palestinian Authority, which emphasizes that there will be no peace and no solution without the release of all prisoners and detainees. At the same time, [the Palestinian Authority] is making great efforts to provide the best services to the prisoners and to their families, since they are the most important national group in Palestinian society…
At the end of the ceremony, the Tree of Freedom for Prisoners was unveiled, with photographs of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment hanging from its branches, in a glass case. It was agreed that it would be placed in a prominent location in the city of Bethlehem, as befitting the prisoners and their sacrifice.”
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