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Fatah official Shaath expresses commitment to non-violent resistance to French delegation

Headline: “Shaath to French solidarity activists: Your presence provides support for Fatah strategy”
“Member of the Fatah Central Committee and Commissioner of [the movement’s] International Relations, Nabil Shaath, met yesterday with a French delegation of solidarity activists. Shaath explained to the French delegation the Fatah movement’s strategy with regard to popular resistance, international activity, building state institutions, and national unity. He emphasized the commitment to non-violent resistance to the occupation and its plots…
Shaath emphasized that the Palestinian people is committed to the peace process, and stated that the return to negotiations requires the fulfillment of the conditions for their success, especially concerning the need to freeze settlement. Shaath asked the solidarity activists to embark on a broad campaign of boycotting Israel, in order to pressure its government to recognize the rights of the Palestinians and to end the occupation.”