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PA daily columnist: Israel "has faithfully reproduced the Holocaust"

Regular PA daily columnist Yahya Rabah
“Israel is more dangerous than an ordinary enemy!” 
“A few days ago, at the square where the establishment of the State of Israel was declared 63 years ago, a relatively large number of Israeli peace supporters from the Israeli left, gathered in an attempt to have their voices heard, in order to breathe new life into the peace process which has been clinically dead for years…
Getting back to the non-violent demonstration of the left, which was responded to by [Israeli] extremists with screams like the screams of dementia… I do not wish to describe the scene and say how unseemly and distasteful it was, as I watched it on Israeli TV, on other satellite channels, and in news items from around the world. However, the conclusion I reached is that Israel, in its current state, is a thousand times more dangerous than an ordinary enemy, or a sworn enemy, or an existential enemy. It is incapable of existing without being an enemy, and it cannot exist even for a few moments if it is not in an exaggerated state of hostility with the Palestinians in particular, and with the region in general. But what is even more dangerous than all of this is that Israel, in its present state, wants to create on its own the enemy against which it is gathering itself…
Israel – strong and fragile, realistic and stuck in mythical ruins, democratic and scornful of human existence, which trades in Jewish moral values in the songs of lamentation of Jeremiah and Isaiah, and which has faithfully reproduced the Holocaust – this Israel wants an enemy which it depicts as it wishes: a despicable, fearsome, terrorist [Palestinian] enemy whose religion commands it to murder; barbarous, uncultured and undemocratic, attesting itself to all of these dreadful traits and crimes, but at the same time not [actually] harming it, and not costing it a single penny, or a single drop of blood.”

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