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Fatah: Israel’s establishment was an international conspiracy by Allied powers

Headline: “Fatah: The San Remo Conference proves that the [Allied] Powers supported Zionism at the expense of the Arabs’ causes”
“The Fatah movement recalled the cursed San Remo Conference [of April 25, 1920], in which the Allies awarded the Mandate for Palestine to Britain…
An announcement published yesterday by the Information Committee of the [Fatah] Commission for Mobilization and Organization said that the San Remo Conference, which was attended by the colonialist Allied Powers and which affirmed the Balfour Declaration, was one of the main international conspiracies during that period to further Jewish settlement in Palestine. It was the San Remo Conference which brought catastrophe and disaster upon the land of Palestine and upon the Palestinian people, since the Allied Powers had officially authorized Britain to enforce Mandatory rule upon Palestine, in order to establish a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. It is therefore no wonder that the Zionist gangs called the San Remo agreement the Jewish ‘Magna Carta.’”